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“Irene is an excellent speaker, very sharp and to the point. She is very enthusiastic, diligent and an outstanding presenter in every aspect. ”  Alpa Katkoria – Middlesex University

Certified Speaker by the Big Talk Academy
Certified Speaker by the Big Talk Academy

Certified Speaker by the Big Talk Academy

Speaking Topics

Rise of ME in META:  A MosaicBeing

Study yourself. Human capacity of recovery and rising in your unlimited potential requires our 7 inner being wonders to unite, align, and expand together. The more you study your whole self, you understand how your nature is ever-expanding in abundance and prosperity and that you have the ability to achieve the unimaginable. Inner peace and prosperity in life go hand in hand when you integrate your 7 wonders and use their strengths and creative power. Suffering, chaos, loss, and other devastations in life are unpleasant indeed but do not define you nor your potential to rise high!

Your Deeper Self is Creative

You are naturally creative. Creative self-awareness is about waking up to your life to all its choices and possibilities. Creating starts with believing then dreaming. Your imagination is a mental muscle. To recognize the fullness and diversity of who you are, will allow you to know yourself creatively, and manifest in life what you allow your creative imagination to believe. Your ego stands in the way of creativity sometimes in fear of looking ‘silly’, ‘wasting time’, or that you are ‘not creative’. These are all distorted perceptions of who we are and what we think the world wants from us.

Disrupt Paradigms, Design Life

Self-doubt, worry, and fear need to be attacked. Your identity and self image must always be ever growing and stretched high. Your life is an expression of what you allow yourself to believe and act upon. You have the ability to disrupt old habits and thoughts and build courage and faith to claim your abundance in life. Fear has kept many people stuck in the status quo. Since we are conditioned by emotion, the only way to change our paradigms is to understand fear, what it is, what it really means when you are afraid, and how to use it as a powerful navigational guide to reaching a fulfilled life

Turn Trauma to Triumph!

Trauma is not something anyone desires. Yet it is the wisdom of your trauma that has sustained you through turmoil. Understanding that this same wisdom holds your super powers to creating a life of prosperity and legacy is essential to recover, rise, and have joy, happiness, comfort, and peace. The process of gaining this abundance is not outside of you. It is found inside you and extends from your pain if you allow it to. Transcending what happened to you does not change that it happened, but gives you power and authority of your abundance birth right.

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    Short Bio

    Irene loves to share her vision for a world where people can apply understanding of their whole self to heal, transform, and prosper in every area of their life to improve the quality of their lives. The study of SELF needs to be widely accessible for young and experienced people around the globe so that we all live vibrantly, in health and abundance.

    Based on her personal traumatic experiences and her professional career in talent development and executive coaching for Corporate and Education institutes, a Mother, and a Business Owner, Irene talks about how to leverage power in times of destruction and restore our connection with ourself and build recovery muscles through our mind-body-soul-universe connection to live in inner peace and outer peace.


    Irene is available for Keynote Talks, Tedex Talks, Webinars, Podcast Interviews, Conferences and Workshops. Irene is based in the UK but is happy to travel for speaking engagements. Contact us to schedule.