MosaicBeing™ – What is it?

“Set your sights to the highest of your imagination. Expect the most magnificent things to manifest in your life. Allow absolutely nothing to stop your progress, dim your light, or hold you back in any way. If you can imagine it, you can make it happen.” – Irene Riad

Self-mastery is the highest level of self. Reconnect with your highest self, so that you can achieve all you can imagine and truly want in life.

The MosaicBeing™ personal change and growth model has multiple lenses from which we gain more understanding of who we are and how we prosper.

Popular leadership and change models of development are not enough to impact the growth they promise to people. They only touch upon the outer persona level of the person and outer environment dynamic of the situation. We have come to a turning point in the personal change and development field where there is an integral approach of the whole person and the environment simultaneously. This is a paradigm shift that leads us to go beyond ego-level functioning into a new paradigm of integrated soul-based functioning.

Lasting change must happen holistically, on a conscious and subconscious level, through multiple dimensions concurrently – your thoughts, feelings, body, culture, and soul must be in alignment. If you are truly serious about profound change in your life, you must be willing to tap into each of these areas in your life.

With focused self-introspection, you start to pay attention to your inner world. Depending on the length of your coaching journey, your coach tackles these dimensions through coaching that deepens your self-understanding. Your thoughts, your emotions, your actions, and your personal culture all have a say on how you achieve your results and make a soul-full impact in your life and the world.

Ultimately, with practice, you increase your self-awareness and gain mastery over the direction and quality of your life and clarity of who you truly are. This requires consistency and dedication. You will start to peel and uncover layers of your true self and shift to new habits and new beliefs that elevate your life.

We believe that how we experience life from the inside, shapes our experience with the outer world. As within, so beyond! To have a thriving life, your understanding of the dynamics of self-mastery, takes you to the highest level of intelligence – an energy force that lives within you and achieves through you. your highest dreams.

Universal Intelligence

MosaicBeing™ Model